To whom it may concern


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I shall be deleting this blog soon, and starting a new one called “Just a teenager.” None of you may see it, some of you might. But I thought I should let you all know. I am not sure if anyone will see this, and I am going to wait and see if someone will before I delete this. Thanks you for all the follows, all the comments but alas, I must say goodbye. But since I do not like goodbyes, I shall say


Until next time, my dear followers, if you do even exist.

How many will read this one?

A little story I wrote…How many will read this one?


A brown haired man with a straight jacket walked around the garden, twitching violently. He looked at the lush, green garden in the asylum and smiled. It was the only thing that kept him, well…Somewhat normal. He could often be seen here, walking around smelling the different flowers and talking to himself about someone he called ‘Opposé dusk.’

“You can’t, you can’t, you can’t!” He shouted at himself one day as he strolled through the maze.

“But why not?” He answered himself as he turned his head to the left. He quickly snapped his head to the right and said. “Because the trees won’t allow it! You know how they are with relationships and our kind!”

His head snapped left. “Our kind? What does that even mean? We are nothing special!”

He turned his head to the right and said. “You can’t love her, Charles Haden. You will just get hurt, because what kind of person would care for someone like us?”

His head slumped as he reached the back of the maze and sat down on the wooden bench. “You’re right. She would never fall for me…”

“Who wouldn’t?” A soft voice asked all the sudden.

Charles’ head snapped up and he found himself looking at Dawn Redding, a pretty girl about twenty three years old, his age. She had bright blue eyes covered with a pair of black glasses and brown hair that came down to her shoulders. She was wearing blue jeans, blue converse and brown trench coat that was over a black t-shirt.

He smiled at her and moved so she can sit down next to him. He looked at her glasses and frowned. “You need glasses, Dawn?”

“No, they just make me look clever.” She said with a smile as she sat down next to him.

Charles grinned. “You don’t need those to look clever.” It felt nice to not have to act like a madman once in a while.

“Thank you. Now, what are you doing in the maze? You only come here when you are distressed.” She looked at him, concern in her eyes.

“Well,” He started, not sure if he should continue. “I met someone.”

Dawn smiled half-heartedly at hearing this. “That is great, but what is the bad news?”

He looked down at the stone floor and sighed. “I am just her friend…”

“You have been friend zoned…” Dawn said as Charles sighed once more. “Does she know you like her?”

He shook his head, “No, I haven’t told her. I don’t want to get hurt.”

“Maybe you should tell her, you might not be friend zoned…” she paused, trying to figure out how to word what she was about to say. “Maybe you should just take the risk, I have heard taking risks can be good sometimes.”

“I know…But I really care about my friendship with the girl, I wouldn’t want anything to change if it didn’t work out.”

“Well, are you going to tell me her name?” Dawn asked after a moment of silence.

Charles looked down and his eyes widened and he suddenly became nervous. “Uh..I would rather not tell you…”

“Oh come on! You can tell me anything,” Dawn said. “Just tell me.” She gave him her best pout face she could.

“I can’t tell you, Dawn.” He looked up at her. “Maybe later, but not now.”

“Why not?”

He sighed. “Because if I told you, it would be the same as telling the girl that I like her.”

“Well, I have a pretty good idea of what that girl would say.” Dawn said with a small smile.

He looked up at her, a puzzled expression on his face. “Dawn…What are you trying to say?”

“This.” Dawn said as she leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. She than got up and ran out of the maze leaving a very confused, shocked, and happy Charles Haden. It took a moment for the shock to wear off but when it did he jumped off the bench and out of the maze, trying to find Dawn before she left. He entered a white hall and saw a worker. He walked up to him and said. “Have you seen Dawn Redding? Brown trench coat, blue jeans, glasses?”

The man seemed a little confused but said, “I saw someone like that running towards the river, said something about waiting for someone there.”

“Thank you.” Charles said as he ran past the man and down the hall. He took a quick right and flew out of the doors. He looked around the hedges and that this was more like a maze than the one in the garden. After some time going through it he found himself at the end of the maze. He exited hurriedly and walked to the river. He saw Dawn standing there, listening to the rush.

“I always liked the river’s song.” She said quietly as Charles walked up beside her.

“Dawn…What were you trying to say back there?” He said as they turned to face each other.

Dawn looked at him and smiled. “I love you.”

Charles stood there, shocked. He slowly recovered and said with a grin. “Quite right. And I suppose this is will be the first time I get to say it. Dawn Redding-”

Dawn cut him off, playfully hitting him in the arm. “Shut up!” She said with a smile as she leaned forward and kissed him. She pulled back and started removing the straight jacket. She tossed it on the ground and took his hand. “Let’s go get you out of this place.”

He smiled. “Why would you do that? And I would be so bored I wouldn’t know what to do.”

Dawn grinned. “Because I want to, and I am sure you won’t be bored. Trust me, I watch Doctor Who. You will stay in your house and you just have to write.”

“Write? What do you mean write? I’m not a writer.” Charles said, terribly confused at what she was saying.

“Remember all those stories you wrote down for me?” Dawn asked as they entered the maze again.

“Yes, what about them?”

“I thought they were so good, I published them. All profits go to you. And all you have to do, is keep writing. People love them.”

“Really? Never knew that.” Charles said thoughtfully.

After a moment of silence Dawn asked. “Why are you here, anyway?”

“I wanted to get in and out in the same mental state. So I admitted myself.” He said with a shrug as they came to the end of the maze.

“I see…” Dawn said absentmindedly. 

“Why did you decide to visit me? We had never seen each other before in our lives.” Charles asked.

“I was just walking by this place and I felt like something was telling me to come. I think it was the Silence.” She said with a smile.

“Always blame the Silence.” Charles said as they walked to the counter. He looked at the lady at the desk and said, “Ello, I’m Charles Haden, and I would like to check myself out of this place.”

“All right, just give me a moment, Mr. Haden.” The woman said as she got up from her chair and walked into the back of her office. She came back with a form and said. “Just sign here and you can go.”

“All right.” Charles took the pen from the counter and signed his name before handing the form back to the lady, who then said. “You may go now, Mr. Haden.”

“Thank you.” Charles said as he took Dawn’s hand and started for the exit. “You didn’t let me finish before, so I will finish now. I love you.”

Dawn smiled. “I love you too.”








Hey guys

Hey, sorry I haven’t been posting much. I have been trying to write my Imagination’s savior story and have gotten a little bit of writers block. I thought I would write this so you didn’t think I had fallen of the face of the earth. And I leave with a question, what do you think of the Dark Knight Rises?


My book life is pretty much ruined at the moment. As some of you may or may not know, I was writing six books. Four of them have vanished. Just poof. And, being the genius I am, I forget to have back ups. But in the process of writing the blog post about it, I just got them back. WOOOO! HAPPY DANCE TIME *does disco happy dance* I am a fan of disco…HOW DARE YOU JUDGE ME! I am a big fan of old stuff, which is ironic considering I consider myself someone of the computer age. I am a mass of contradictions.

I thought this blog was pretty Gouda, I have definitely read cheddar and I think I am not provolone on this one.

(Got to love those cheese puns.)

OH! And I have fifty follows! I feel awesome! Thank you people, I assume that since you follow my blog you like what I write so thank you! And here is a question, what is your favorite color? Please comment with the answer.

I am doing this.


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As some of you know I am often baffled by who gave out the first award, I have concluded that someone just gave out an award. So that is what I am doing now!  I am giving the “Cool story award.” to for her story, “The warrior.”. Yes, I think I made up that award but I am sure others have done that so why can’t I?


1. You must give this award to seven other people

2. You must write a short paragraph about your self

3. You must say your favorite color in that paragraph.


Facing shadows part II


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I found myself in an open field upon a brown horse. I looked over the field and say a greenish wall of magic, blocking my escape from fighting the shadow creature, who I just noticed a few hundred yards away from me. He was riding a black as night stead and had his bow in hand, he fired a few arrows which I skillfully dodged. I grabbed my own bow and reached for an arrow, I soon discovered my quiver was empty. I saw my enemy fire one arrow right at my heart. Instead of dodging it, I rode my horse forward, in a moment of pure instinct, I grabbed my sword, then hit arrow with the flat of my blade then sheathed my sword. I then jump forward off my horse, grabbed the arrow and firde it right at the shadow’s heart. I landed back on my horse and rode on, hoping I had caught my opponent off guard. The shadow had not seen my attack coming and was not able to move out of the way in time. He fell from his stead with a cry of anguish. I dismounted from my horse as I got to the body of my fallen foe.

“Who are you?” I asked sharply as I carefully tended to his wound.

“I am your shadow, you have defeated me and now you will face a greater threat.” His body then vanished, leaving his clothes. I took them and put them in my backpack, I had noticed that had allowed the creature to blend into the shadows and become like one of them

A/N: What do you think? Please comment with your thoughts.

I am back.


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I am back! And I am going to write you guys a quick story.

I watched as men stronger and more powerful then me were destroyed by the sand storm. It seemed as though they were dust and the sand was the wind, blowing them away till they were no more. I watched as I walked up to the storm, I noticed a man standing next to me.

“Who are you?” I asked as I noticed he seemed out of place.

“I am help for those who want it, but these men who think themselves strong do not accept my help.” He said with a sad expression in his eyes.

“I will accept your help.” I said as I realized that if those men who where stronger them me died, I would need all the help I could get.

“All right.” The man said as he wrapped his arm around me. We walked into the storm and I noticed the sand was not hitting me, but the man.

“You will die.” I stated as I noticed him to slowly start to chip away from the sand hitting him.

“You are my child, I will save you.” The man said as it hit me who this man was, he was my father. I never knew him but it seemed he knew me.

“I never knew you, and yet you save me, why?” I asked, not noticing the man was still chipping away.

“Because I have been watching you all your life, I love you.”

A/N: I will finish this later, I need to work on facing shadows.

Okay, explaining a story.


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So recently someone asked me to explain a book idea I had posted on my blog. This was the idea,


‘Ow, crash landing a space ship does hurt.’ were the words that ran through Levi Terran’s mind as he slowly got up from the ground. When he got up he felt hurting pains in his left arm, which he quickly realized were because he had broken it. He went inside his ship, which was about to explode no doubt, and grabbed a sling and put his arm in it. As he started to walk away from the ship it exploded and sent him flying through the air like a rag doll. He landed on the ground and fell asleep from the pain; he woke and heard two voices talking over him. He quickly opened his white eyes to see two figures standing over him, clearly one was female but he couldn’t tell what they looked like if his life depended on it.


Remember that one? Well let me try to explain it. It goes that an agency on earth kidnaps and experiments on an alien (That is levi). He tries to go into space to escape but is shot down and then crashes his ship next to two humans. He befriends the humans and ends up getting them chased by this agency as well. It should be noted that one of the two humans (Brad) has a crush on the other human(Don’t remember her name, will call her Mary)  Mary knows this but does not think Brad is serious. When Levi meets Brad and Mary, he hits it off with Mary, and even though they are not serious, brad gets jealous.