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I am a writer. I am currently writing five books and I have found that it is a lot of fun tot write them. If you guys have any advice about writing I would greatly appreciate it. I am thinking of posting a little bit of one of my blogs so here goes.



No one talked to him, some thought he was mentally messed up, a creeper or something,and others thought he might be mute. The normal students, the ones who were neither a Prep nor an outcast, did not talk to him. They thought he was a Prep (the most popular jerks in the school). The Preps were a group of minions that was ruled by the head jerk Jesse.  When Levi first moved to the small town of Wheatland, Minnesota almost all of the girls threw themselves at him, but they were all soon discouraged to find he would not talk to anyone. The Preps ignored him because Jesse wanted to take this opportunity, as he did with every new kid,  to torture some fresh meat with rumors and gossip. There was one person, silent though she may be, who had not given up on him and his calm silence, but it seemed everyone else had begun to ignore this mysterious and silent Levi Johnson. Some had just forgotten him in general. He would sit at lunch and look around, his eyes moved so fast it seemed he was always looking at everyone.