I agree with this completely

Asylum Writer

There’s so much to be said about love. As an insane writer, I have my own thoughts on this “phenomenon”. It is hard to define someting as mysterious and complicated as love, let alone understand it.

What is love? Are humans the only creatures that experience this feeling of affection? Do other creatures feel it? If yes, do they feel it on the same level as us?

There is no dearth of questions. But answers which are logical both from the scientific and emotional/literray point of view are rare. I believe it is this inability to define love accurately that makes it so attractive and popular.

But the question is: Do today’s children and teens, growing in this age of Facebook and social networking understand the value and preciousness of this humane feature called love? I’m not saying Facebook is bad, or today’s teens are incapable. What I’m trying to…

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