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So recently someone asked me to explain a book idea I had posted on my blog. This was the idea,


‘Ow, crash landing a space ship does hurt.’ were the words that ran through Levi Terran’s mind as he slowly got up from the ground. When he got up he felt hurting pains in his left arm, which he quickly realized were because he had broken it. He went inside his ship, which was about to explode no doubt, and grabbed a sling and put his arm in it. As he started to walk away from the ship it exploded and sent him flying through the air like a rag doll. He landed on the ground and fell asleep from the pain; he woke and heard two voices talking over him. He quickly opened his white eyes to see two figures standing over him, clearly one was female but he couldn’t tell what they looked like if his life depended on it.


Remember that one? Well let me try to explain it. It goes that an agency on earth kidnaps and experiments on an alien (That is levi). He tries to go into space to escape but is shot down and then crashes his ship next to two humans. He befriends the humans and ends up getting them chased by this agency as well. It should be noted that one of the two humans (Brad) has a crush on the other human(Don’t remember her name, will call her Mary)  Mary knows this but does not think Brad is serious. When Levi meets Brad and Mary, he hits it off with Mary, and even though they are not serious, brad gets jealous.