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I found myself in an open field upon a brown horse. I looked over the field and say a greenish wall of magic, blocking my escape from fighting the shadow creature, who I just noticed a few hundred yards away from me. He was riding a black as night stead and had his bow in hand, he fired a few arrows which I skillfully dodged. I grabbed my own bow and reached for an arrow, I soon discovered my quiver was empty. I saw my enemy fire one arrow right at my heart. Instead of dodging it, I rode my horse forward, in a moment of pure instinct, I grabbed my sword, then hit arrow with the flat of my blade then sheathed my sword. I then jump forward off my horse, grabbed the arrow and firde it right at the shadow’s heart. I landed back on my horse and rode on, hoping I had caught my opponent off guard. The shadow had not seen my attack coming and was not able to move out of the way in time. He fell from his stead with a cry of anguish. I dismounted from my horse as I got to the body of my fallen foe.

“Who are you?” I asked sharply as I carefully tended to his wound.

“I am your shadow, you have defeated me and now you will face a greater threat.” His body then vanished, leaving his clothes. I took them and put them in my backpack, I had noticed that had allowed the creature to blend into the shadows and become like one of them

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