My book life is pretty much ruined at the moment. As some of you may or may not know, I was writing six books. Four of them have vanished. Just poof. And, being the genius I am, I forget to have back ups. But in the process of writing the blog post about it, I just got them back. WOOOO! HAPPY DANCE TIME *does disco happy dance* I am a fan of disco…HOW DARE YOU JUDGE ME! I am a big fan of old stuff, which is ironic considering I consider myself someone of the computer age. I am a mass of contradictions.

I thought this blog was pretty Gouda, I have definitely read cheddar and I think I am not provolone on this one.

(Got to love those cheese puns.)

OH! And I have fifty follows! I feel awesome! Thank you people, I assume that since you follow my blog you like what I write so thank you! And here is a question, what is your favorite color? Please comment with the answer.