Imagination’s savior .

 “Are you sure this is safe?” A man in in white lab coat asked the man leaning over a control panel.

“Yes, I have discovered what insanity is, and now I-we, are going to cure it.” The man replied to his assistant.

“But if insanity really is just accelerated imagination, wouldn’t this remove everyone’s imagination, Doctor Roberts?” The man in the lab coat asked, not sure this plan was safe.

“The gas will enter the air and then in turn be breathed in by everyone; it should only remove the insanity in those who have it.” Doctor Roberts said, preparing to launch the rocket containing the gas.

“If you say so, but I am still not sure,” The assistant said as he watched the rocket sore into the air, the gas entering the atmosphere.

Several months later the world had turned gray and dull. Men no longer dreamed, they no longer sought out ways to improve anything, they couldn’t imagine anything than what they knew. Toys grew boring to children, and were soon discontinued. The world had lost its insanity, just as the good doctor dreamed. In a world, one known only to legend, it was much worse. For this world was one of imagination. And it was turning to stone, its life was ending. A lone figure sat on a chair, his waist down was stone. He looked out and saw stone twins, stone flowers with gray smiles. A cat with a grin, also stone, was on the table. The man wore a brown top hat, smiling at the thought of this same world a few months ago, lively and bright. He stopped smiling, wondering what had become of the wondrous land that had turned to stone. He glanced out at the table before him; he was having an unbirthday party when the cat and the flowers started to turn to stone. The other animals followed after that.  Then the twins turned to stone. And now it was his turn, it was not hard to imagine a man in a ragged suit and brown top hat.

“And this is Wonderland, a place of stone.” The man said to himself, he was no longer mad as he once was. “Alice saved us before, she could save us again. Though that was many years ago, and I doubt she will return to this land.” The man said, thinking aloud.

“One day the stone shall walk, and the statues will speak once more. In a time of need, an unlikely hero shall save this land.”  The words he spoke were coming from a memory so old that was almost forgotten. He remembered the words from a dream, for in this land, dreams often came true.

“And who is this hero?”  The man asked, “I do not see how this world could be saved, for none from the other world travel here, their minds cannot imagine a world such as this.” He said, answering his own question.

“But neither could Alice and she saved this world.” The man said, once again trying to lift his spirits. He was startled when he heard a female voice say to him, “Can you tell me where I am?”


15 thoughts on “Imagination’s savior .”

  1. Mrs. Peacock said:

    This is great dear, Your opening was very captivating I’m looking forward to seeing were you go with this. 😀

  2. Mrs Peacock alerted me to this blog , it is brilliant and captivating from the start looking forward to more!! 😉

  3. Oooohhhh interesting!! 😀 I like it!

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