Facing shadows.


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“You are strong, but can you defeat yourself?” A high pitched, impish voice asked me. I pulled out my sword and turned to the voice and said, “What do you mean?” The voice did not reply but I soon saw a figure that seemed to be wrapped in shadows come forward. He look as if he was my own shadow, the only difference was because his eyes were green and they seemed to have an aura of evil to them. He had a bow and a quiver of arrows on his back and in his right hand he held a sword. One that looked like a black version of my own sword. Everything went black and I found myself in a open field, upon a brown horse.

I will continue this later, tell me what you think.




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The skies are white and cloudy while from space it looks green and somewhat blackish. The forest seem gray and dull. The deserts are dark as a night under a full moon. The creatures that roam the lands are mindless and deadly. Their claws are sharp and their teeth are jagged. Their eyes seem to glow and they avoid the day, for it burns them to the bone. The days are gray and sometimes black while the nights seemed to have an moon unseen shining down. The air is cold and dry, but water flows in caves hidden from those unworthy.


This is going to be the planet that a book I plan to write is going to be on. If you could not tell, I like dark, dry and cloudy places.

A language


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I would like to create a language for some of my books but I have no idea where to start!  I think it would be cool to create a language so if you guys can suggest anything ideas or tips on doing it I would love it. And I might be started another book, one with dragons and maybe a space ship, I don’t know yet. I will be sure to post the intro for you guys. I leave you with a quote


“The insane see what others can not.”   me

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Smile it away.  When it gets to you just smile it away.  Even if it’s sour, maybe it will bloom.  Even if it’s sad, at least it is a start.

Smile it away.  It often hurts the heart.  It’s tough to do against the wall.  Tough to do without respect.  Tough to make the cheeks respond.

Smile it away.  When they act so rotten, display disrespect, like they’re number one or something.  Like they know so much.  When they rap a tee-nee gavel.

Spit a smile and dismiss.  Spit a smile, keep the pride.  Spit a smile, keep yourself.  Spit a smile and dismiss.

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Writing intros as requested.


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The year is 2014, America has gone to ruin. The terrorist attacks of 2012, also known as the end of the world, had completely destroyed the U.S. Government agencies and leaders have either been killed or gone into hiding. Now, you might be thinking this is a book about someone who will fight those who destroyed America. But no, this book is the story of someone who fights the deadliest enemy to ever walk the earth. Oneself, but now lets get to the story.

‘Ow, crash landing a space ship does hurt.’ were the words that ran through Levi Terran’s mind as he slowly got up from the ground. When he got up he felt hurting pains in his left arm, which he quickly realized were because he had broken it. He went inside his ship, which was about to explode no doubt, and grabbed a sling and put his arm in it. As he started to walk away from the ship it exploded and sent him flying through the air like a rag doll. He landed on the ground and fell asleep from the pain; he woke and heard two voices talking over him. He quickly opened his white eyes to see two figures standing over him, clearly one was female but he couldn’t tell what they looked like if his life depended on it.

(this next one is not an intro but a little piece from the book. Sorry, I forgot to write one.)

Voltaire stood in his house, sharpening his sword. He was not sure what why he was sharpening it, he just had a feeling he would need it soon, and there was something satisfying about the rasp of a blade being honed. He looked outside and saw a small boy coming, brown with the look of mischief about him. “Tobias, where have you been?”

The boy, small for his age, looked up at Voltaire with an evasive smile. “Why, I haven’t been anywhere sir. Just here and there. Nowhere special. Nowhere far.”

Voltaire grinned, “Right, and you didn’t ‘borrow’ anything, did you?”

Tobias raised his eyebrows and took on an expression of innocence and hurt, “No sir, never!” He sat beside Voltaire and watched the man as he drew the wet-stone over the edge of the blade. He admired the dark, mirror-like steel from which the weapon had been forged. It was majestic, with a gilded hilt and shaped pommel, truly the weapon of a great king. He had often wondered where his friend had got it from. He had a mysterious past which he always seemed unwilling to talk about. Tobias didn’t mind though, he liked Voltaire, and thought him interesting; that was enough for the gypsy boy.

(Like the last one, part of the book. forgot to write an intro.)

Eliana barely made a sound as she stepped through the bright forest. Briefly, she stopped to pick up a moss-covered stone she kicked free while darting through the forest. With a swift motion, she rubbed it clean and dropped it in her pack. A twig broke behind her. She snapped her head back in the direction of the sound. She saw the glint of green armor and immediately knew it was Zorvac, a tall elf with pale skin who travelled with her.
“You scared me,” she said. “I was beginning to think some of those villagers had followed us.”

Zorvac just laughed at this. “Oh yes, because we were SUCH a great hit with the jolly old folks.” he replied in his charming English accent.

Eliana smiled, shaking her head. “What is this, the… third place we’ve been run out of? Ninth? Twentieth?” She grinned and smoothed her dark black hair out of her face.

“No, I believe this is the twenty-second one, people just can’t handle us and all of our genius.” Zorvac transformed into a bat and started to fly around Eliana saying. “Is the world spinning? because everything is going in circles.”

“I think that’s just you,” Eliana said, placing her hand on his shoulder to stop him from making her dizzy. She raised her eyebrow. “No wonder people run us out of towns, we’re so strange.” She laughed. “In a good way, of course.”

Zorvac smiled “Is there a bad way? I mean if people are going to accept us they should do it for who we are, not who we can become. What is wrong with being strange?” he said quite loudly as if the trees themselves could listen to him.

And they might. Eliana reached her hand to her mouth and motioned him to be quiet. “It’s still not safe,” she reminded him, seeing the glint in his grey eyes fade slowly. “We’re still not distanced enough to be careless.”

Zorvac slowly turned his head around and saw a bat fly into a tree and fall on the ground “Looks like he was as blind as a bat.” he laughed at his own joke as if it amused him and no one else.

Eliana tried not to encourage him but couldn’t help a smile from reaching her eyes. “You know there are spies in the forest everywhere, Zorvac,” she said. “Not that anyone would still be following us, but one can never be too careful.”

“Hey, remember when we had that winged elf with a spear follow us for three more towns?” Zorvac got a twinkle in his eye as if he liked that elf.
“That was unusual,” she said, relishing the memory. “We barely managed to shake him.”

Zorvac walked ahead a bit before turning around to see the grief of rejection in Eliana’s eyes “Don’t worry, we will find a home someday, trust me.”

She simply shrugged and brushed past him, continuing her maneuvering swiftly among the trees. “I guess we’d best get going.”

“Agreed.” Zorvac ran up to her and said “Race you to the edge of the forest?” He then transformed into a panther and started to run ahead of Eliana.

“No fair!” called Eliana with a laugh, immediately responding by transforming into an owl and darting through the forest, quickly catching up with him. The cold air ruffled her feathers, but she didn’t care. The flight was exhilarating. As soon as Eliana had passed him, Zorvac transformed again, this time into an eagle saying “Birds eh? I can do that to!” Zorvac felt like he was able to do anything–anything but tell Eliana how he felt about her.

Please read this, it is very good.

Edge Induced Cohesion

It is remarkable and amazing how many websites are devoted to bad news. We are certainly a day and age where good news seems to be put under a lot more scrutiny than bad news. When people are used to the hammer dropping they are suspicious of the good, and expecting the bad. The sort of paranoia that are common makes it more difficult for people to trust, and therefore cooperate, which generally means to difficult lives because of a lack of relationships and a lack of a social net to help one overcome life’s struggles. An assumption that the world is against you and that everyone hates you is generally going to be borne out by people reacting to paranoia and unnecessary hostility.

That’s the bad news, at least, but there is at least a silver lining in it. The fact that so many people have devoted themselves to…

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I agree with this completely

Asylum Writer

There’s so much to be said about love. As an insane writer, I have my own thoughts on this “phenomenon”. It is hard to define someting as mysterious and complicated as love, let alone understand it.

What is love? Are humans the only creatures that experience this feeling of affection? Do other creatures feel it? If yes, do they feel it on the same level as us?

There is no dearth of questions. But answers which are logical both from the scientific and emotional/literray point of view are rare. I believe it is this inability to define love accurately that makes it so attractive and popular.

But the question is: Do today’s children and teens, growing in this age of Facebook and social networking understand the value and preciousness of this humane feature called love? I’m not saying Facebook is bad, or today’s teens are incapable. What I’m trying to…

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